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Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Image Stitching / 360 Panorama Services

Stitching Services
Real Estate or Product Photo Stitching gives a whole new ambiance and setting to your product and real estate property. Believe it or not, a 360-degree Photoshop Image Stitching panoramic experience can vastly influence your potential buyers. This would not only let them visually explore your website but also help them in understanding the distinguishing factors of your property. Panoramic photo stitching allows you to combine a series of regular sized photographic images to create a smooth panoramic image. It is a complex method, which involves calibrating the images, warping them for perfect alignment, blending them in order to eliminate visible seams, blurring/ghosting, and then cropping for the improvement of the overall composition of your images. Our company offers high quality photo stitching to help give you the best possible view of your property. We can overlap your images by stitching various photographs in Photoshop to produce one spectacular combined image. Equipped with the latest infrastructure, photo editing software, and skilled experts, we deliver incredible results in the form of high resolution. We provide our image stitching services with output of your Panoramic Stitching in the file format you want, even if the image gets a bit distorted we can still stitch rotate and tilt images to give you the best quality in image stitching, Our real estate photo-stitching professionals have expertise and knowledge in stitching difficult and challenging scenes and can create the final stitched result with layered output, we also edit your photos by replacing or abstracting colors, shadows, spots, and other undesirable elements in your commercial or housing estate, as well as removing any technical errors which may exist such as camera flashes, enhancement, etc.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Image Background Removal Services

Background Removing Services
Image background removal services have proved to be quite useful in present times. There are times when you wish to get rid of the background from a particular image in order to increase the visual appeal or aesthetic value. The major obstacle usually faced when you are trying to separate the image and background is that at many times there is a very blurred line of pixels that cause the main image to be separated from its background and it becomes quite difficult to conclude whether a pixel belongs to the background or foreground. This sort of problem may prove to be frustrating and create agitation at times. This is where the skilled workforce of our company an assist you. Each employee at our enterprise is trained in handling such challenges with ease and undertakes each task in a smooth manner. Our company offers photo background removal services to give a spotless and professional look to your images and allow the key subject in the photo to appear prominent and pop up on a solid desirable background. Full knowledge of various clipping tools is possessed by the employees, so they are fully aware of how to remove the background from an image in the best way possible. In accordance to the requirement of the client, they apply the best and most suited tool to bring out the best possible results. The employee’s experience allows them to analyze photo editing requirements very quickly and make a good judgment on blurred/unclear photos. The removal of the background is a very time consuming and difficult task that requires an ample amount of attention. It is therefore recommended to avail our services for the best results. Removal of the background has become very useful in the frequently changing global scenario. We provide high standard services and that too at reasonable prices. Some of the tools/techniques our professionals are familiar with include:
  • Removing the background with the help of the magnetic lasso tool
  • Using the background eraser tool to remove the background from an image
  • Removing the background with the help of the pen tool
  • Using Channel mask to remove the background of a particular image

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Photo Editing Services beyond expectations

A picture is worth a thousand words". A picture allows you to walk down the memory lane and it tells stories of past days. The main purpose of taking a picture is capturing the essence of a moment but as time goes pictures fail to retain its grandeur and freshness.

We help you to maintain your photos or pictures by improving original color and retouching damage areas. We have a team of skilled photo editors to provide you cost effective, simple and yet effective photo editing services at amazing turnaround time.

We specialize in following photo editing services:
1.            Photo Enhancement
2.            Photo Restoration
3.            Image Masking
4.            Photo Clipping Path
5.            Photo Cutout
6.            Image Background Removal
7.            Photo Retouching
8.            Photo Resizing
9.            Image Colorization
10.          Real Estate or Property Image Editing
Our image editing services include image masking, photo color correction, photo restoration, cleaning or removing background, photo cropping, correcting the perspective of the images, sharpening of images, correcting the density of an image etc.

We could be a profitable option for those who required photo editing on regular basis such as models, photographers, jewelers, manufacturers of leather items, furniture and carpets. We do all our efforts to refurbish the life of your old or ordinary photo, so that they can attract your customers or viewers.

By outsourcing photo editing services to us you can concentrate on your core business activities and this process would help you to save on money, time and efforts. With our help you can make quicker turnarounds to your customers and satisfied clients will bring more business to you.

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Image Masking Services and Benefits, Outsource Image Masking Services

Image masking is an essential part of process for many businesses and it is mainly used for product catalogues, brochures, magazines, calendars, poster, and online shop photos because these requires all images need to be perfect so that a customer can feel original product in a quick look.

Image masking is not a simple task, this technique is very time consuming and eye straining. It requires professional training and huge experience to achieve desirable results. 

We have a team of skilled and experienced graphic editors who can assist you for all your small as well as ongoing image masking ventures. Our quality check and delivery division ensure that every project delivered on time with complete perfection so that our customers can get results as per their expectations.

Our image masking services includes: 
·                     Layer Masking
·                     Alpha Channel Masking
·                     Transparency Masking
·                     Translucent Masking

Benefits of image masking service:
·                     Remove image background with gradient transparencies
·                     Isolate desired image without the embedded background
·                     Create transparency without distorting the translucency
·                     Change or use a customized backgrounds
·                     Remove background colors from images from translucent images
·                     Allow masking for hair, semi-transparent chiffon or muslin
·                     Create ads, magazine covers, and lot of other items with models
·                     Save complex silhouette selection with the image for later use
·                     Allow dropping shadows of desired image

Our talented teams of graphic designers provides high quality image masking and color correction services which includes multiple masking and clipping path for color change.

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What is Clipping Path in Photoshop?

Clipping path is one of the most dreaded task designers try to avoid. But really they aren't that bad once you get the hang of it and get them over with. If you’re not familiar with Photoshop and you’re wondering what this clipping path is all about, here is explanation. It’s a vector line description embedded into your image file that tells the software where to “clip” the photo. It’s normally used to knock the background out of an image, but really it can be whatever you want – shapes, words etc.

The path usually travels along the edges of an image file and can be activated and turned into a standard selection for soft-edge feathering, filtering and all that other great Photoshop stuff. A sample image from the package with pre-built clipping path is shown below.

Clipping Paths are the vector lines that are used to outline a separation between an object and the background of an image. These paths are used in two ways: to select an object from the image, and to hide the background. Every graphic work requires Clipping Paths for the purpose of editing.

Clipping Path stands as a way of isolating an object from the background of the image. Imagine a clay shaper that is pressed into the clay to obtain shapes. Similarly, Clipping Paths are used to cut out objects from the background of an image. These objects are later provided a different background. It seems to be an easy task but needs to be precisely done with a dash of expertise.

Clipping Paths can be used to clip out favorite parts of an image. These parts can then be given an altogether different and interesting background. Clipping Paths are the vector masking techniques that are used in image manipulation software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, and Corel Draw. It creates a virtual outline around the image that later has to be isolated and extracted from the rest of the pixels that are unwanted or temporarily neglected.