Thursday, 18 December 2014

Get good quality Photo Editing Services

Image Editing Services

Photo enhancement required by many industries frequently as it is a part of their work process. The good quality photos are valuable for eCommerce stores, web designers, photo studios, online art galleries, catalog publishers and book publishers because terrible pictures can down their business sales over night.

Usually, when you take a picture it is rarely perfect and it needs some treatment before uploading or sharing with your customers. We at Photo Services India, help you to improve your original dull, damaged, poor and old photos by using latest available software technology.

Our photo enhancement outsourcing services include: 
  • Color correction
  • Image cropping / removing unwanted objects
  • Changing backgrounds
  • Density correction
  • Red eye removal and airbrushing
  • Lens and perspective correction
  • Enhancing photo resolution
  • Remove tears, stains, creases, scratches
  • Adjusting sharpness, contrast, brightness
  • Wrinkles and acne removal, ......

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Data Entry & Document Conversion

Photo Services India
Data entry outsourcing is the one of the most phenomenally growing services today. For an organization to function effectively and efficiently data needs to be easily accessible. In this modern and competitive world, technology is constantly evolving to improve and facilitate our lives. We, at Photo Services India, offer a comprehensive range of quality and cost effective data entry services. Our data entry division strives to serve you with a high level of accuracy, complete confidentiality and cost effectiveness.

Our customers regularly outsource their data entry work to us because of our excellent work on low cost. Data Entry Outsourcing is a judicious and wise option for those who would like to concentrate on their core processes and leave data entry work to a reliable service provider who has an expertise in the field of data entry. Our skilled team of professional data entry operators are dedicated to provide complete and accurate results upto 99.9% at the turnaround time required.

Data entry services:
We offer all kinds of data entry services which can broadly be classified as follows:
  • Online Data entry
  • Offline Data entry
  • Image Data entry
  • Hand written Data entry
  • Book Data Entry
  • Yellow Pages or White Pages Data entry
  • Data entry for surveys
  • Data entry for forms
  • Data entry for receipts or bills

Document Conversions:
We also offer a wide range of services for document conversions that suit your requirements and needs. We have the expertise in handling the following document conversions:

  • PDF Conversions
  • HTML Conversions
  • XML Conversions
  • XHTML Conversions
  • OCR Conversions
  • E-book Conversions
  • Image Document Conversions
We also have a dedicated customer support and helpline to you assist round-the-clock:
You can CONTACT US any time with your outsourcing requirements and we provide 24×7 customer support.